Why is the audit arrangement and tax return filing important for your Hong Kong company?

Part of the annual maintenance of a limited company incorporated in Hong Kong is to prepare an Auditor’s Report and file a profit tax return. These are the 2 most important items for your limited company because they will determine how much profit tax you are required to pay, if any. Delaying in submitting the Auditor’s Report, profit tax return or paying your tax means you will be facing fines or other consequences.

How can we help to keep proper record of your company's financial transactions so that your company can be audited?

Bookkeeping is the recording of financial transactions, and is part of the process of accounting in business. Transactions include purchases, sales, receipts and payments by your company during the fiscal year.  After you provide us the records of each transaction and bank statements, we will gather the information and put into standard formats and present to the Auditor to verify.

Can I act as the Company Secretary of my company?

If you are Hong Kong resident and you are not the only director of your company, then you can act as the company secretary. In case you are not eligible to be your own company secretary, we provide Company Secretary Annual package which we will act as your company secretary and submit annual return for you.

What hiring a professional Company Secretary is important for your company?

In addition to things that you must do every year like submitting Annual Return and Employer Return, there can be so many things you may want to change during course of the year. Most commonly, adding or removing of shareholders and directors, changing of address, share capital, adding a trade name to your company or opening bank accounts. We are here to help you do just that.

Do I need to use virtual office for my business registration?

Yes if you do not have a commercial address in Hong Kong. Each limited company in Hong Kong must have a registered addresswhich should NOT be a residential address. Our virtual office can be used as your registered address.

Are there any sales tax or GST in Hong Kong?

There are no sales tax or GST in Hong Kong. But there are duties for tabacco, liquor, automobiles, gasoline etc. that are usually beyond the business scope of our clients.

Do I have to come to Hong Kong to incorporate a company?

No. Many of our clients didn’t. You can sign on all documents we prepared for you and courier them back to our office. Better yet, with our Express Service, you don’t even have to sign anything. However, please note that most banks require the directors to be present at the account opening. If you are in China, HSBC can open account via video conferencing from their supported local branches, extra charge applies. To save valuable time and money, most clients book their flight and hotel after the incorporation is complete.

Can I change my company name after it is incorporated?

Yes. Changing company name and other particulars of a limited company is very common and it is quick and easy with Jumpstart. Please refer to our list of company secretarial services section.

What do I need to do annually to maintain my company?

In short, there are 3 things you must do: submit Annual Return, renewal your business registration certificate and submit audit report (if profitable).

Can I set up Paypal account for my company?

Yes. You can setup a Paypal account with your newly incorporated company. Please note that when setting up the link to your bank account, the bank account holder must have the same name as your company name or the registered person’s name in Paypal.

Where do I start?

Once you have decided to incorporate your company in Hong Kong, you can provide us the basic information of your company and via our online signup 24 hours a day. You then have the option to print your application and send it to us or simply pay directly with your credit cards or Paypal so we can start the process as soon as possible.

How can our professional staff help you to get through the tedious part of incorporating your company?

We believe that to be successful at starting up a company in Hong Kong evolves good business sense thorough knowledge of the business environment. The processes involved are complicated and take time to complete. We can get you started faster by giving sound advice and actually help you get through the tedious part of the process.

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