The process of occupying a business niche in Hong Kong or anywhere for that matter, can be a truly complicated and tedious affair. It is complicated because there are so many loose ends to tie in and stabilize. To miss even one of the essential components for starting up a company may result in complete disaster to a business venture that would otherwise bring in profits for company owners. It is of utmost importance that meticulous care is exercised when registering a company.

SPEEDINCORP’s experience in forming over 1500 companies worldwide is one of many reasons why you should form your limited company with us.

     Annual Maintenance

  • USD420
  • Renewal Procedures
  • One Year Registered Office
  • Exclude Government Fee USD100)

     WHAT are the minimum requirements?

  • Shareholder
  • 1 Director
  • Corporate Director allowed
  • No Minimum Capital

     Incorporate New Seychelles Company

  • US$499
  • Up to 50000 Shares
  • Certificate of Incorporation
  • Memorandum & Association
  • Share Certificates
  • Registered Office in Seychelles (1 Year)
  • Ready in 14 Business Days
  • Exclude Government Fees (USD100)

WHO can incorporate in Seychelles:

  • -  Anyone in the World
  • Anyone in the World
  • Any Company in the World
  • Mixture of Person and Companies
  • Only 1 Person is needed


Incorporate with SPEEDINCORP
Easy.  Fast.  Anywhere

     WHY incorporating in Seychelles:

  • Tax Free on Offshore Business
  • Owner’s Identity Protection
  • Politically Stable
  • No Charge for Over 50000 Shares

Only US$499